Enjoy a carefree fresh pasta experience with these quick and easy cooking and storage instructions


How should i store my fresh pasta and sauces?
All pastas and sauces should be refrigerated as soon as possible upon delivery

Can i freeze my fresh pasta?
Pastas can also be frozen for up to one month. Separate portions using baking paper

How long do the pasta and sauces keep for?
3 days for pasta and 1 week for sauces. Oils and salts for 1 month.
Please check the label for individual product shelf life

Cooking Instructions

While you will have fresh pasta and sauces included in your order, we highly recommend getting creative by adding your favourite herbs, vegetables and/or meat to your dish!


Bring a pot of salted water to boil. when the water is boiling, carefully remove pasta from the tray and drop it into the water.

Once cooked through, remove the pasta from the water with tongs and drop directly into the heated sauce. toss and stir, done!

Suggested cooking times (minutes)

Fettuccine 2-3    Pappardelle 2-3   Spaghetti 2-3    *Rosemary gnocchi 2-3

Ravioli 3-4         Tortellini 3-4

       Cavatelli 5-6       Rigatoni 2-3       Saffron malloreddus 5-6

*The Rosemary gnocchi can also be pan fried. first, heat up oil or butter in a pan on medium heat. Pan fry gnocchi on each side until golden. season with salt and toss into sauce!


Tomato sauce         Creamy carbonara         Porcini mushroom
                        Vodka Tomato Sauce          Ragu Bolognese                                                     

Warm up sauce in a pot and season with salt and pepper just how you like it. stir in cooked pasta once heated through.

    Fresh basil pesto             

Drain pasta in a colander and place in a deep bowl. add pesto and stir like crazy!
optional: add cream or reserved cooking water for desired consistency.

Chilli oil         Garlic oil            

For an extra hit of heat and flavour, drizzle over anything and everything! you can also use these to pan fry vegetables and meat!